Mobile Billboard Truck Fabrication

Every day the outdoor mobile media industry is growing. Advertisers realize Mobile Billboard advertising is effective since our ads travel around with the public. Exposure increases because you cannot miss a 10ft. x 20ft. Mobile Billboard truck on the road. Beginning in 2005 Ad Runner Mobile Outdoor Advertising, Inc. expanded into billboard truck fabrication. Our custom fabricated Mobile Billboard trucks are built to the highest quality with a design that makes banner changing simple. The framing system on our mobile billboard trucks allow banners to be changed in about an hour in any weather condition. You do not have to worry about wrinkles or a flapping banner. Your advertisement will have a tight, professional look while campaigning.

Our standard mobile billboard body is 10 ft. tall x 20 ft. long and is affixed to a Chevy Express Cut-Away chassis. We offer it without banner lighting or we can backlite the unit for a professional, attention grabbing look. Since our Mobile Billboard trucks are custom fabricated our billboard body sizes can be modified to fit your particular needs. We can also build on any chassis allowing our clients the benefit of choosing their favorite vehicle or manufacturer.

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Why We Prefer the Chevy Express

No driveshaft lengthening required
Chassis rails are 12" lower to ground than larger trucks
Comfortable for your drivers on those long road trips
Cheaper parts and easy repairs, means less money
Chevy...a proven, reliable work truck!

If you already own a delivery truck, but would like to use it for your advertisement we can install the patented framing system on any box truck, or wrap it entirely in vinyl, turning it into a mobile billboard truck. For a truck fabrication proposal or a quote to install the framing system please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a quote based on your particular needs.

LOOKING for a USED MOBILE BILLBOARD TRUCK? Check out our News section for a list of current used mobile billboards for sale. Any used unit can be upfitted with any extra option at time of purchase. Delivery on our used units is optional and can be quoted upon request.

We take pride in the vehicles we build and believe in turning out a quality product. We are hands-on in every aspect of fabricating mobile billboards from the time we acquire the chassis to the time of delivery.

Call or Email us today with any questions regarding mobile billboard truck fabrication or outdoor mobile advertising.


All of our trucks are built on a new Chevy Express Cut Away chassis.

Mobile Billboard trucks will get you noticed!

Our trucks are custom fabricated in our shop in Lewisville, NC

Since our trucks are custom fabricated our body sizes can be modified or adjusted to fit your particular needs

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